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School prospectus


A Message from the School Founder: Junkichi SATOMI
“Love and Truth” is the motto of Osaka Yuhigaoka Gakuen- Mr. Satomi, the founder of this school, said" ‘Love and Truth’ is the basis of being a good human. True love is a love beyond love and hate. Truth is doing the right thing and not deceiving anyone. Being a good student means being a good person as well as studying hard”

He also said, “This school is a place where students grow just as other living things including animals and plants on earth. Therefore teachers have to help young students grow as farmers raise crops, not as factory workers make products. Teachers have to be good farmers.”


School History

1939 Junkichi SATOMI established Daimaru Dressmaking School in Sakai.
1942 The school was moved to the current place in Tennoji.
1943 The name was changed into Osaka Joshi Kosei Gakuen.
1948 Osaka Joshi Kosei Gakuen High school was established.
1950 The name was changed into Osaka Joshi Gakuen High School.
2005 The name was changed into Osaka Yuhigaoka Gakuen High School

Studying Abroad

International Students from Overseas

2011 4 Netherlands (1), Denmark (1), Mexico (1), Norway (1)
2012 7 Australia (3), New Zealand (1), Canada (1), Norway (1), Germany (1)
2013 3 New Zealand (1), Australia (1), Germany (1)
2014 6 New Zealand (3), Thailand (1), Sweden (1), Australia (1)
2016 2 New Zealand (1), Spain (1)

Students Who Studied Overseas (One-Year Program)

2012 33 Canada (24), New Zealand (3), U.S. (2), Australia (2), Ireland (1), Italy (1)
2013 41 Canada (28), New Zealand (6), Australia (3), U.S. (3), Taiwan (1)
2014 18 Canada (11), Australia (3), New Zealand (2), U.S. (2)
2015 25 Canada(17) ,  New Zealand(6),  Australia(1),  U.S.(1)
2016 27 New Zealand(9),  Australia(3),  Canada(15)
2017 12 New Zealand(5),  Australia(4),  America(2),  Canada(1)
2018 26 New Zealand(6),  Australia(6),  America(2),  Canada(12)
2019 28
2021  8
2022 26

Sister Schools

Our Sister Schools

St. Mary Diocesan School in New Zealand


A Message from an International Student Liaison: Nicholas Hogg
I am very fortunate to be one of the teachers involved in the International Exchange Program at our school. It is a pleasure for us to help prepare students before they go abroad, and then to see how much they have learned and matured from their experiences when they return. Similarly, we happily welcome international students, and enjoy helping them get the most out of their time at school and in Japan. Lastly, we believe the participants of the International Exchange Program have a positive influence on other students here, and serve as reminders of the Global Community.


Message from an International Student at OYG:
Leo Sőderlund (レオ ソーデルンド)

I have had a very pleasant experience in Japan for the five months that I have been here. Japan is so interesting, the food is great, and most people are just so kind and welcoming.
I was very nervous before coming here, but that feeling completely disappeared as soon as I actually got to my host family, and to school. From the first day people were so welcoming, and I felt safe at once.
The Japanese school life is very different from that in Sweden. First of all, in Sweden we don’t have uniforms, and schools are much less strict. The attitudes of Swedish students is kind of lazy, and bored. We don’t have things like clubs, or Culture Festivals, which I think are amazing about Japanese schools. I’ve personally joined the basketball club, even though I had basically never played basketball before coming to Japan. I’m still really bad, but I try my best, and have been enjoying my time in the club so far. The Culture Festival was also a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to the Sports Festival.
I have really been enjoying my time here, and I am looking forward to the five months that I have left.


My best memory in Canada
Okamoto Kana

I went to Ontario, Canada to study English. I experienced many things that I could never have learned in Japan. Here are my three best memories of my Canadian life.

First of all, I was very nervous on my first day of school. I was also excited to go there and to meet new people. At first, I couldn’t understand what teachers were saying, so I asked them many times. Everyone was so kind in Canada. When I had no idea what to do next, some German people started talking to me. When I didn’t know how to use Power Point, a girl from Switzerland showed me how to use it. I met so many people that were really kind.

Second, I met many people in Canada. It is one of my best memories. Quinte Secondary School has many international students. I met students who were from Brazil. I didn’t know anything about Brazil at all. They taught me many things about Brazil and Portuguese. My Brazilian friends and I also made cupcakes and brigadeiro, which is a traditional dessert in Brazil. I spent a lot of time with them. One of my Brazilian friends planed a surprise party for my birthday. My surprise birthday party was held at my house. My host sister, who was from Switzerland helped plan my birthday, too. Many people were invited to my house. I was so surprised, because I couldn’t imagine that they had planed such a nice birthday party. I had the greatest day ever! I also met Chinese people. They really liked Japan. Sometimes I told them about the Japanese language and Japanese culture. It was so much fun to tell people about my own country, Japan. I had ESL classes at school every day. ESL is for people who are from other countries. My ESL teacher likes learning about other cultures, and other languages, so we did presentations about our countries. I could learn about many countries and cultures in my ESL class. I also learned about Canadian history and events in Canada. I really liked taking ESL classes, because I could learn about many countries that I didn’t know anything about with a lot of international students.

Third, I had a really nice host family in Canada. I switched host families three times. It is not really a good memory for me, but I think that it was a good experience for me. It is really important to tell other people our own opinions. I told my opinion to my coordinator, and finally I found a really nice host family. There were four people in my host family, my host mother, my host brother, my host sister and me. My host mother was young, so I always talked with her. She really liked to take us to the beach and grocery shopping. My host brother was only 5 years old. He was so energetic and talkative. Sometimes he bothered me while I was doing my homework. He liked to put letters that he wrote in front of my door. My host sister was a 16 year old from Switzerland. She was like my real sister. We cooked dinner together. We went for a walk in heavy snow, which was made me so exhausted. We watched TV together. We also did our homework in the living room together. She was an awesome girl. We helped each other and we experienced so many things together. I will not forget her. I am glad that I could have such a nice host sister. When we had to say goodbye, she cried. I learned that meeting new people is a really good thing, because I can learn new things and I can learn about my own personality. It is an opportunity to lean my weaknesses and my strengths. Saying goodbye is not easy for everybody, but it is also an important thing.

By going to a foreign county by myself I made many memories, I learned many things, and I grew up. I’m sure I will go back to Canada to visit my host family and my teachers.